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Jimmy Mars in his Wissota Tribute Special

Jimmy Mars crew in thought

Jimmy Mars fans at Cedar Lake Speedway

Jimmy Mars' visit to TFD a success

Jimmy Mars collects win in Menomonie, WI

Jimmy Mars in action

Jimmy Mars' 2000 Rocket

Speedweek 2000

Speedweek 2000

Speedweek 2000

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Jimmy Mars Racing 2001 Hauler

Jimmy Mars crew at work

Jimmy at work in the shop

Jimmy Mars 2000

Jimmy Mars at Red Cedar Speedwary in Menomonie, WI

Rear view of Jimmy Mars' 2000 ParkerStore Hauler

Jimmy Mars 2000 Rocket & Hauler

Jimmy Mars' 2000 Hauler

Jimmy Mars in action

ParkerStore team prepares for action in Menomonie, WI

Jimmy Mars' ParkerStore team unloads in Menomonie, WI

Speedweek 2000

Speedweek 2000

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